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Because Champions Demand the Best

We would like to thank CVM Productions and Must See Racing for allowing us to provide you with this interview of Jimmy McCune, as he talks about Saldana Racing Products' Radiators.

Fuel Forward System

“The fuel forward system helps with qualifying. It uses all available fuel, loses the pendulum effect, gives a better drive off the corner, and keeps the weight equal across the rear.”

- Steve Siegel, Don Ott Racing Engines

“The bladder performed as designed; it kept weight forward in the car and decreased the pendulum effect.”

- Jeff Swindell

"At the Belleville Nationals with the fuel forward system, the car felt the same at the end of the 40 lap run as it did in the beginning."

- Kyle Larson, winning driver of the 2011 Belleville Nationals

"The fuel forward system gave us a more consistent car by keeping the fuel forward on long runs and allowed us to run less fuel with a better baffled pickup."

- Keith Kunz, winning car owner of the 2011 Belleville Nationals

Modified Racing Parts

“Saldana has become a ‘1 stop shop for modifieds.’  After having continuous failures with a different brand radiator, we switched to a Saldana radiator and have had ZERO failures!  After having so much success with the radiator, we added a variety of Saldana products.  We currently use Saldana fuel cells, valve covers, expansion tanks, oil tanks, oil system breathers and the new oil tank bracket.  Saldana's new oil tank bracket is extremely durable and has eliminated the weak points of our old bracket.  Saldana makes top quality products that are easy to use and highly dependable.  Thanks, Saldana!”

- Jeremiah Shingledecker, 2011 Lernerville Champion


“I just wanted to say that your radiators are the best, we use them in our 600 modified.”

- Joe Provinzino, 600 Modified Driver

Saldana ARCA Style Radiators

“We continuously had problems reaching higher than normal temperatures during our testing and practice sessions at Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Super Speedway.

After replacing the radiator with Saldana's, we were able to get our temperatures down during testing, practice and qualifying. With the same amount of tape on the grill we saw differences of up to 40 degrees cooler at times.

Through out both races we never had any problems with the motor reaching high temperatures, even during 3 to 4 car drafts. We have had great success finishing races in the top 10. I highly recommend Saldana racing radiators to any team seeking an advantage without sacrificing engine integrity.” 

- Scott Stenzel, ARCA Driver