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Founded in 2007, Pyrotect Racing Cells started manufacturing alcohol bladders for open-wheeled race cars and gasoline bladders for circle track and off-road racers.  Their alcohol bladders are constructed from a high quality ballistic fabric that is coated with our own specially formulated rubber compound. Their  gasoline bladders are crafted from a nylon fabric that is coated with a high quality urethane, and meet and exceed FIA/FT3 standards.

Advancements with their fuel-delivery system maximizes fuel usage by funneling the fuel to the proper area of the tank through an array of collectors.

Over the past few years, they have enjoyed growing success with

the development of their  armored fuel tank.  These tanks are explosion proof gasoline cells that were developed for use in military, police, sport, and personal vehicles.  

These cells avert explosions by automatically self-seal when penetrated, preventing fuel from leaking or spilling.  A specially designed military grade foam stabilizes the fuel and reduces vaporization.  These cells are constructed from a ballistic fabric that is coated with a high quality urethane and are available in a variety of sizes to fit inside aluminum or steel tanks.

Pyrotect Racing Cells’ bladders are precision cut and hand assembled, ensuring you with the highest quality bladders.

Fuel cells you can rely on

Pyrotect Racing Cells

Pyrotect Racing Cells is proud to continue to uphold our tradition of crafting the finest quality fuel tanks and bladders. We continue to strive to be a leader in the innovational development of the fuel cell industry.  Our staff has years of experience and continues to uphold our tradition of providing the finest quality products and service available.  For more information about Pyrotect Racing Cells, please click here.

PyroCell - Elite

The New Standard in the Fuel Cell Manufacturing Industry


Alcohol bladders and FIA/FT3 approved gasoline cells for all forms of racing and performance vehicles.

FIA/FT3 Approved Gas Bladders

Precision cut and hand assembled

Made in the USA